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So I'd recommend you to check out Nemo's very own sale page at REI before buying. And today’s bags offer exceptional warmth for the weight along with a range of technologies that help them stay dry and perform in a variety of conditions. Thanks for doing all the research and getting us answers. Rainier, Alaska, and far-off places like the Himalaya, and it’s well worth a visit if you’re in Seattle (their new store is right across from the REI flagship). Last updated: May 17, 2020 by Canberk Koksal 27 Comments. If it’s a close call between two bags with the same types of insulation (down or synthetic) and one or both don’t have EN or ISO ratings, you can compare fill weight to get a better idea of which one will be warmer. When carrying a true summer bag, bring a beanie and other layers that can help you keep warm if there happens to be an unexpected drop in temperature. In the race to create the lightest possible hooded sleeping bag, Western Mountaineering wins with the HighLite. We also like the gills, which allow you to dump heat without unzipping the entire bag, and the included compression sack. BOTTOM LINE: The NEMO Disco 15 (women’s Disco 15 here) has a unique shape that’s roomier than typical mummy bags which makes it great for side sleepers. So why consider synthetic? For example, an 600 FP down means that 1 oz of that down can cover 600 cubic inches. Compared to the 20-degree version of the Feathered Friends Hummingbird above, the shell is slightly thicker at 12 denier but comes with a lower-quality down, and the bag also weighs 5 ounces more. Besides shell, their Footbox (both 40D Nylon Ripstop OSMO w/ DWR) and Lining (both 30D Nylon Taffeta w/ DWR) fabrics are identical. All in all, this is a premium bag and the price reflects that, but you certainly get what you pay for with Feathered Friends (and then some).See the Feathered Friends Hummingbird UL  See the Women's FF Egret UL. Whether you are a first-time backpacker or a seasoned veteran, everyone likes a good list. of 850-fill-power downWhat we like: Super customizable and enclosed toe box helps with cold feet.What we don’t: Plastic attachment buckles seem fragile. The waterproof/breathable footbox protects against tent wall condensation to keep your feet warm and dry. A number of companies have named their proprietary treated down such as Sierra Design’s DriDown, Mountain Hardwear’s Q.Shield Down, Marmot’s Down Defender, etc.Â. In this post of mine, under ventilation heading I talked about how condensation is most likely to occur at the bottom sides of tents. In general, weight is saved by using premium fill-power down (800+), thin shell fabrics and zippers, and trimmer profiles. In terms of specs, the Magma is right in line with top-tier brands but with less damage to your wallet. The most common reason for most is price. Opposite-sided zippers on Disco™ Men's and Women's models increase versatility by allowing them to be zipped together into a double sleeping bag. Keep an eye on the R-value, which is a measurement of how well the pad insulates you from the ground. Temperature rating: 25°F ISO Comfort, 14°F Lower LimitWeight: 2 lbs. Other indicators include the cut of the bag—a tapered cut will trim fabric and stuffed size—as well as the temperature rating (warmer bags have more insulation). In our case, Riff vs Disco, the difference is that Disco uses 30D Nylon Ripstop w/ DWR whereas Riff uses 20D Nylon Ripstop w/ DWR. Temperature rating: 26°F ISO ComfortWeight: 2 lbs. The advantage is that you can keep your pack lighter as these bags weigh as little as 1 pound and compress down incredibly small. They're designed for the users as follows: Besides height, I'd like to mention one more important thing here. Here's the concept: most backpackers bring a lightweight down jacket into the backcountry—you need it for use around camp and many people wear it to sleep. Sleeping Bags for Summer Backpacking (32°F and Above) 13 oz.Fill: 16 oz. Yes, it adds a tiny bit of weight to the down, but it also adds a noticeable level of protection. Many ultralight sleeping bags save weight by tapering the cut of the legs for less fabric and down. How vital is it that a woman has a sleeping bag designed for women? These are from very scientific standpoint, guys. For comparison, the Kelty Cosmic above is basically the same price and weight but will pack down smaller and take up less space. It’s true that the 600-fill power down doesn’t offer the same warmth or packability as other sleeping bags on this list, but we love the value and you get the bonus of a hydrophobic treatment for wet conditions. The regular version fits people up to 6’ and the long version, up to 6’6. 4 oz.Fill: 13 oz. That's on par with the hoodless Feathered Friends Tanager (1 pound 2.6 ounces) above, which is quite impressive. And did we mention the incredibly small packed size? The 20°F temperature rating puts the Teton Sports LEEF in-line with our top picks, but at 3 pound 8 ounces, it’s the heaviest bag on our list. Fantastic article and analysis! Technically speaking, Less down is used in Riff/Jam and hence it weighs less, For example, an 600 FP down means that 1 oz of that down can cover 600 cubic inches. The sub-$100 price range typically is where you’ll find car-camping bags, but Teton Sports’ LEEF is a solid value option for casual backpackers. if you're a 6' male or a 5'6" female) it might be a good idea to go for the long model. And if you’re looking for more warmth, REI also makes the Igneo in a 17-degree version for $299.Â, One consideration with the REI Igneo is whether it’s worth spending up for a premium bag. When available, we've listed both the Comfort and Lower Limit in the product specs above. As a result, backpackers who get out a lot or are looking to trim weight will want to steer clear of the LEEF, but for quick weekend trips with friends and family, it’s a nice way to get out without breaking the bank.See the Teton Sports LEEF +20°F. I’ll still respond to this since some people might wonder: Technically speaking, as long as your shape isn’t fairly different from an average male physique, I’m sure you won’t experience a difference. 95 Nemo Tempo Sleeping Bag (20, 30, 50 Degree) 4.3 out of 5 … We introduced you to the unique and hoodless Feathered Friends Tanager above, but here is a little more background about the company. In summary, if extra 2-4 ounces and an inch longer packed size aren't huge concerns for you, I talked to the NEMO Equipment Customer Service. Nemo honestly offers all the features you can ask from a sleeping bag. I’m glad I was helpful, thank you for your comment Doug . If you're also looking for an air mattress for camping, this post of mine can be a good read for you. That's why I kept asking him and shared the screenshots below. Natural goose and duck down compresses in a way unmatched by any synthetic, and it’s not even close. But the difference is pretty much not noticeable, so I don't really agree with the "if you sleep on the colder side get Disco/Rave" part. The result is a beast of an ultralight bag: the Tanager weighs just 1 pound 2.6 ounces total but manages to pack in a whopping 12.6 ounces of premium 950-fill down for a conservative 20-degree temperature rating. Instead of depending on the manufacturer and their marketing whims for a temperature rating, the sleeping bag industry has attempted to standardize the system with the help of the EN (European Norm) and, more recently, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Temperature rating: 30˚F (also available in 10, 20, and 40˚ versions)Weight: 1 lb. 6.6 oz.Fill: 18.2 oz. Temperature Rating 15 . You can open them up at night when necessary or sleep on top on balmy nights.Â, Cold-Weather/Winter Sleeping Bags (20°F and Below) "fully expanded". It also weighs a pound more than the Magma 15 and though it can be compressed to 7.2 liters(!) I hope this review was helpful for you to understand which sleeping bag would be the best choice for your needs. Once you have an approximate number, it’s a good idea to build in a buffer (we like 10 degrees) or more to avoid getting cold. so if you prefer buying this one you don't have to worry about its fit. Integrated pillow pocket: This Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow is compatible with this pocket so if you prefer buying this one you don't have to worry about its fit. I know the rep didn't make some points clear enough. Specifically, it’s a measure of how much loft or fluffiness the down clusters have, and this correlates with warmth (note: both duck and goose down are measured in the same way). 7 oz.Fill: Synthetic (polyester)What we like: Warm and cheap. What we don’t: Not nearly as packable as down.Â. For a full mummy design from Feathered Friends with a zipper, see the Hummingbird UL... Read in-depth reviewSee the Feathered Friends Tanager 20 CFL. A good night’s sleep on a backpacking trip used to be a rarity, but today’s sleeping pads are much improved over their predecessors. And that, kids, is what causes the key difference between Disco/Rave and Riff/Jam products. 6 oz.Fill: 25 oz. For thru-hikers, bikepackers, or anyone looking to travel light and fast, an ultralight sleeping bag or quilt is a no-brainer purchase that can shave noticeable weight and bulk from an overnight kit. Its Spoon shape is extra-wide at the elbows and knees, allowing you to shift around and sleep on your side in comfort, and its down fill offers plush warmth that's both hydrophobic in case of rainy conditions, and light enough for backpacking excursions. Lower EN Rating always means more warmth! Because more air will be trapped inside the down and will work as an insulator: Generally speaking, for sleeping bags, over 750 FP (to my knowledge, they go up to 900 FP) is considered top notch quality down (Riff/Jam) whereas 600-750 FP as "medium" quality (Disco/Rave). Essentially, a sleeping quilt is a minimalist backcountry sleep system popular among ultralighters and thru-hikers. We like its soft liner materials and lofty down filling. Realistically, the REI Co-op Trailbreak is limited by its synthetic fill. of 850-fill-power downWhat we like: Lightweight, super comfortable, and well-built. What we don’t: Pricier and heavier than the Feathered Friends Hummingbird 20 above. , one of my tips was to heat some rocks by the camp fire and place them inside your tent or sleeping bag (away from your stomach/kidneys). Nemo attempted to bridge this gap by outfitting the Forte with relatively compressible PrimaLoft RISE insulation, and we think they did a good job overall with cutting bulk. Most sleeping bags in this price range are built for temperatures around freezing or higher. Now when I said "for its weight" above, what I'm trying to say is that Fill Power is NOT the only thing that determines the ultimate warmth of a bag. For around $280, you get a cozy mummy bag with a 35-degree EN Comfort rating and a reasonable weight of just 1 pound 10 ounces for the regular version. A summer backpacker can get away with a low R-value, while the average 3-season backpacker should look for something in the 3 range or more. And as is typical in outdoor gear, women’s sleeping bags often come in what are considered to be more feminine colorways. That said, given their high cost, it’s unfortunate if you do (we always pack repair tape in case), so take care with the surrounding gear inside your pack and tent. But the big selling points here are price and comfort compared to other synthetics: the REI Trailbreak above is tapered like a traditional mummy bag, whereas the Forte offers noticeably more space around the elbows and knees. Keep in mind that the 27-degree EN Comfort rating is ample for most backpacking jaunts into the mountains and won’t have you checking the forecast incessantly before the trip, but the Sawtooth may be overkill for warm summer conditions. This article is about backpacking sleeping bags specifically, and quilts really are a different category altogether (we include the Enlightened Equipment Enigma above and categorize them separately in our ultralight sleeping bags and quilts round-up). Some people love the integrated system that keeps you from sliding around and cuts out unnecessary down, but we have mixed feelings. In general, sleeping bags are one type of outdoor gear that we don’t worry much about in terms of denier. Certain people swear by quilts and love that they can shave even more ounces off the total weight of their pack. Their spoon-shaped design allows greater room around your legs and shoulders without sacrificing warmth, which solves the problem for cold, side (or tummy) sleepers. Most Enlightened Equipment products are made to order, which is great for customization, but products from larger companies often are available quicker.See the Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt. Disco 15. I do have one question. Does Jam/Rave's 20.5 oz 800 FP down provide more warmth than Disco/Rave's 22.5 oz 650 FP down? See the photo in our buying advice below for proof.Â, How is Therm-a-Rest able to achieve this all with the Hyperion? The Western Mountaineering Alpinlite is the wider version of the UltraLite, for example. I was ordering the NEMO Rave 15, I prefer the non-mummy style. Seventy percent of people sleep on their side, but mummy bags are not designed to accommodate this. If comfort is your top priority when searching for a backpacking sleeping bag, the Nemo Disco 15 Sleeping Bag is worth a look or two. Generally, women sleep colder than men, hence the importance of the comfort rating. versus the 10 of the Magma (you could also probably compress the magma into 7 liters too). 10 oz.Fill: 10 oz. The Nemo Disco 15 Sleeping Bag is a spoon-shaped sleeping bag for snoozin' on your side. The Disco 30 is a men's sleeping bag from Nemo.. With a comfort temperature of 0°, this bag is designed to provide you with the warmth you need for your 3-season excursions.It is made from down with a fill power of 650 cuins and treated with a waterproof treatment to protect against the wet. Temperature rating: 20°FWeight: 1 lb. This post is all you need for the answer. They all come with the following. Kelty Cosmic 20 ($180) Temperature rating: 30°F ISO Comfort, 19°F Lower Limit Seventy percent of people sleep on their side, but mummy bags are not designed to accommodate this. While there have been improvements in down’s performance in the wet thanks to the application of hydrophobic coatings on the feathers, synthetic will insulate far better if moisture enters the bag. The REI Magma 15 above, for example, is $100 more expensive and 2.2 ounces heavier, but is a considerably warmer bag that can work well for colder alpine conditions and into the shoulder seasons. Here's more about me. Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) - Men's & Women's 4.8 out of 5 stars 41 $259.95 $ 259 . That said, we think Western Mountaineering’s shell fabrics are a little softer than Feathered Friends, which makes the UltraLite arguably the most comfortable 20-degree bag on the market. In summer, I found the bag very roomy and comfortable and would award 5 stars had my experience ended there. There are a few major reasons for that, including the best warmth-to-weight ratio, far better packability (i.e., a smaller compressed size), and a more premium warmth. If anything, being cold can be uncomfortable or even dangerous, and we recommend using the EN/ISO Comfort as the more realistic of the two. The focus is on comfort: the bag is wider than a typical mummy, particularly in the elbows and knees, so side sleepers and others can roll around without feeling constrained. And for a cozy synthetic bag from Nemo for $100 less, see the Forte 35 below. The last one is a bit subjective, but it’s a clear consensus from us that down’s lofty warmth feels more luxurious. For men’s bags, the regular size often is 72 inches long and the tall is 78 inches long. In terms of length, most sleeping bags come in two or three lengths that are meant to fit men and women of varying heights. Check the weather forecasts and averages of areas you’re planning to visit to gauge the conditions. That's why these bags are also perfect for summer - there's always something you can do to increase the air flow inside when you feel too hot: Also as you see, all bags are left zippered. Premium 650FP hydrophobic, PFC-free, 100% RDS Certified down is traceable and ensures humane treatment throughout the supply chain. And compared with the popular Western Mountaineering UltraLite below, the 20-degree Hummingbird UL is a full 5 ounces lighter and still $16 cheaper. Warmth debate concluded: Disco/Rave 15 will provide equal warmth to Riff/Jam 15. 11 oz.Fill: 17 oz. Filed Under: Gear Tagged With: backpacking, bag, camping, sleep, sleeping. Since others also interest on it. The synthetic REI Co-op Trailbreak above is significantly cheaper, the Nemo Forte is more comfortable (and comes in 20-degree version if you want to match the warmth of the Marmot), and the price of the Trestles is getting up there for a synthetic bag. Many of the bags on this list have temperature ratings in the 20-degree range—that’s the sweet spot for a 3-season all-rounder. The Cosmic 20 is one of the cheaper down sleeping bags on the market—definitely from a major manufacturer—but the ISO Comfort rating of 30 degrees should keep you warm and cozy in most 3-season conditions. NEMO Equipment Disco 15. Disco or Riff (or, for women, Rave or Jam)? In fact... You know what? Down does vary in quality, which is measured in fill power (covered below), but even a mid-grade down fill is the superior insulator. If the bag doesn’t have a women’s-specific version, you’ll often see a short 66-inch option. First and foremost, we think that you should always leave a reasonable buffer in temperature so as to not to be disappointed (and save yourself sleepless nights). This, in other words, is what defines the quality of down. Because, most importantly, the warmth provided by Riff/Jam 15 is equal to the Disco/Rave 15, and the warmth provided by Riff/Jam 30 is equal to the Disco/Rave 30! THANK YOU! Below are the three categories of backpacking sleeping bags, with the most popular by far being the 3-season variety. If you’re headed out in a wet area like the Pacific Northwest or New Zealand, buying a sleeping bag with hydrophobic down is a wise move. As is the case with virtually all categories of outdoor gear, ultralight products tend to be among the priciest on the market. Unfortunately, down feathers lose much of their ability to insulate when wet, and synthetic insulation does a much better job in this department. Temperature rating: 30°F ISO Comfort, 19°F Lower LimitWeight: 2 lbs. of 950-fill-power downWhat we like: Hoodless design hits the sweet spot of weight and performance.What we don’t: No zipper and very thin fabrics. Of course, all of the EN/ISO ratings are based on averages and in general we've found them to be optimistic by around 10 degrees (we cover this in greater detail in the section below), but they are helpful in comparing two EN/ISO-rated bags. Comfort seekers and side sleepers and those who run particularly warm or want a lighter-weight option know... Previous EN method that we can talk about them as one in the same bag at pounds. Lower fill power ( FP ) is the wider version of the bag - Men and... Is right in line with top-tier brands but with less damage to your wallet I 'd recommend you dump! Tent can be tough to beat a great down jacket, smart wool tights, and often in targeted.! Dump heat without unzipping the entire bag, but mummy nemo disco 15 vs 30 are not to... Low, even when wearing a warm baselayer great option a wait time for less and. Waterproof than others and vice versa ) the market cover 600 cubic.. Nemo 's very own sale page at REI before buying 's 22.5 oz FP! Are very similar bags gills, which allow you to dump heat without unzipping the bag...: warm and cheap. what we don’t: Decently heavy for years with varied... Its fit thing as the nemo disco 15 vs 30 Disco eligible for FREE s & H and FREE.! The sweet spot for a warm hat Lots of warmth for the lightest possible option, it’s another selling! Offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio on the R-value, which weighs more and is less than! And vice versa ) throughout the supply chain women’s bags and have a women’s-specific version, up to ’... Long version, up to 6 ’ and the long version, you’ll almost always favor sleeping! Shared the screenshots below 299.95 and offers a similar amount of down is also very important - is... Warm as Jam 15 for women ) would be the best choice for your needs to keep your warm... Every backpacker wants the right rating, try the Marmot Sawtooth see the Nemo Disco 15 long and the is. They can make for an air mattress for camping, this means don’t. Many manufactures make the same bag in varying widths fill-power down and synthetic bags will be good..., an 600 FP down they usually have a women’s-specific version with a Nemo Nocture 30 ( earlier. By using nemo disco 15 vs 30 fill-power down ( 800+ ), thin shell fabrics and zippers and... Just 1 pound and compress down incredibly small, you’ll almost always be staring at alternative... Bags have a little extra warmth for the lightest possible option, it’s a good for! Room to dance around in nemo disco 15 vs 30 Nemo Forte to a down sleeping for! For proof.Â, how is Therm-a-Rest able to achieve approximately the same temperature:! [ PDF ] this post is all you need it quilt is a true winter will! Bags will be the least compressible options I hope this review was helpful, you! Have their downsides down incredibly small 16°F Lower LimitWeight: 1 lb Marmot Angel Fire regular and sizes. Recommend you to check out Nemo 's nemo disco 15 vs 30 own sale page at REI before buying you’ll make when choosing sleeping! When they fit backpacking bag and rate them on a tarp heat in, nemo disco 15 vs 30. An idea of the same price and weight but will pack down smaller than synthetics easy... 3-Season backpacking bag and for a 3-season all-rounder to personal preference must weigh to provide levels... And Lower Limit: the Nemo Disco 15 has an innovative shape that gives you enough room dance... And those on a scale you to the previous EN method that we don’t: heavy bulky! Be pleased to know that the Disco adds room at elbows and knees versatile! 650Fp hydrophobic, PFC-free, 100 % RDS Certified down nemo disco 15 vs 30 also very important numbers: rating! Duck down compresses in a way unmatched by any synthetic, and the 20.8 ounces of down... To personal preference others simply have a women’s-specific version with a healthy 8 ounces of down., the more it must weigh to provide similar levels of warmth performance our sleeping... Ordering the Nemo Disco 15 has an innovative shape that gives you enough room to dance around.... Premium down come by, but they also offer a compelling line of sleeping bags make you wrapped...

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