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I just slept in my clothes! He trips over a piece of machinery and flies into a lawn chair. ]Edd: "Yes, well, where could one groom this tendency to pranks and puerile practical jokes? "[Kevin turns around. Eddy leaps up, terrified. ]May: [ducking] "Watch it Lee!" You probably smudged it. "You're just in time. save. "Kevin! Honest! 1 Pooh and Friends Arrive in the Cul-De-Sac/Pooh and Friends Search the Cul-De-Sac 2 At Ed's Room/Sarah and Jimmy Playing 3 At Double D's Room 4 At Eddy's Room/Running to Eddy's Brother's Room 5 Hiding in Eddy's Brother's Room/Car Chase 6 In the Middle of the Desert 7 The Kids of the Cul-De-Sac Go After the Eds 8 Cow … VIDEOS GALLERIES. Wilfred! Edd turns back. [Ed grabs the peanut with his teeth. "Kevin: "That little twerp wouldn't have the–" [realizing something] "That's it! [He blushes.] [sadistically] "Don't forget to wipe your feet. Say, let's go to my place! "[He looks up and sees that Edd has labeled the entire campsite. Sarah sets her basket down and seethes with rage. I'm pretty sure they won't be going back to the cul-de-sac. "[While his friends frantically look for Eddy's brother, Ed stands up and slowly walks towards something he sees, as if he's in a trance. "Eddy: "Uncle! [He runs through the factory.] I'll split it with ya. [He strides towards the trailer. "[Suddenly, the screaming stops. "Ed: [cheering] "WE ARE FRIENDS ONCE MORE, GUYS!" [He slams Eddy down on Edd, smashing Edd into the ground.] "Eddy: "Looks real, don't it? Pain! He looks for the Eds. It then backs up and goes through a fence. [He gobbles it. ]Captain Melonhead: [crazy] "This is your craazzyest plan ever, Plank! "I've followed all the rules! "Edd: "Oh shush!" When it comes out, it is covered with spit. I should have never let you leave the cul-de-sac! Rolf brings up the rear, having managed to rejoin the chase. "Edd: [yelling from far away] "Assistance please! ]Sarah: "You idiot! You're headin back into the swamp!" Click the button below to start this article in quick view. [He grabs Nazz in a hug.] "Here, kid. This is "Lupin the 3rd and Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Part 1" by 80Lupin Awesome on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people… "Eddy: "My big bro showed me! Icky! ]Edd: "Gotcha! Don'tcha think?" [pointing to a snake] "This doesn't even look like a jellybean! Rolf drops the muffin, and Wilfred scrambles over and eats it. ]Edd: "Wait! Take me! "Nazz: "What was up with that? ]Eddy: "I do, bro, I do! "Sarah: [lifting Jimmy's chains] "Move it Jimmy! Suddenly, Edd jumps up.] ]Kevin: "Yo, Nazz! "Ed: [laughing and mocking him] "Aah! [Ed falls out of the car.] "Ed: "Do tell! "May: "My head ain't nailed! "Kevin: "AAAAAAHHH! "Eddy: [cowering] "Okay! [He ducks into his jacket. What's taking you? Rolf lifts the pig and tears the roof on, and the faces of the Eds' enemies leer in. Eddy could be the world's–"Eddy: [being twisted into a strange shape by Ed] "Hey ow stop! We're not taking one more step until we deduce the whereabouts of your brother, Eddy! "[The horn honks again right before the truck hits Rolf. ]Eddy: "Hey, quit tossing my cookies! "[Ed jerks his fingers back as the window closes. "]Edd: "There." "Eddy: "And..." [clutching them close] "If any of those losers find us there, they'll be mailed back to Peach Creek in a body cast. But boy was I wrong. "[Edd tries to get loose. "Big bro ain't gonna be impressed." ]Rolf: "Rolf will have the Ed-boys on a spit by nightfall! "May: [grabbing Jimmy] "Babies don't do laundry! [He picks up a sunflower and slams it into Ed's face. Initial visibility: currently defaults to autocollapse To set this template's initial visibility, the |state= parameter may be used: |state=collapsed: {{Ed, Edd n Eddy|state=collapsed}} to show the template collapsed, i.e., hidden apart from its title bar |state=expanded: {{Ed, Edd n Eddy|state=expanded}} to show the template expanded, i.e., fully visible |state=autocollapse: {{Ed, Edd n Eddy|state=autocollapse}}. "Edd: "It's just that it's difficult for me to sleep in an unlabeled environment. A silhouette of Nazz can be seen splattered against one fence along with various debris, including a bag of cement, spilled black paint, an oven mitt, a toaster, and a cinder block with a balloon tied to it. [whispering] "I'm frightened. Hurry! Rolf is nowhere to be seen. He's talkin to me right now! By the time you read this, I will be long–far–oh dear." The door creaks open a little more, and we see the kids, straining to get into the room. Meme . [Jonny sneaks away.] He only appears in 2nd Big Picture Show and EEnE Z along with Ed's Brother. "Dearest Mother and Father. As the kids finish the song, the screen fades to black, and Edd uses his labeler one last time, in order to put a label reading "The End" on the screen. Bad! I wouldn't miss this Ed-thrashing for all the shoulder pads in the world! "Eddy: [getting it] "It does? Ed sticks his head out of the armhole. "Aaaand...action! "Eddy: [whispering] "Yeah, well, I didn't see you stop me! Eddy's brother stumbles around, dazed. [He pulls the boat into the water.] Read with caution. Edd thinks about it. The cork lodges in Wilfred's nose, and the pig begins to snort. "Hey hey hey! "Breakfast for Ed, Eddy!" [He and Ed follow Edd.] "Edd: "HEEELLLPPP! "Eddy: "Good idea! ]Eddy: "What happened? ]Sarah: "Okay, Jimmy. [He tosses the tree over his shoulder and runs towards the sound. [He tries, but almost falls off the rock. "[The Kankers abruptly let go. This-a-way, guys!" "Jimmy: [panicking] "SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING! Kevin at first looks surprised but soon regains his confidence. ]Ed: "Land ho!" He cuts a more pitiful figure than most, though. Ed dives into the grass and leaps out of it. [play-fighting with Ed] "Ah-ha!" "Oh, look! "Nazz: "Oh, I'm okay." ]Lee: "Dutch ain't a baby." ]Ed: "I am Ed! A one-stop shop for all things video games. ]Edd: "Eddy, we're too young to drive! What a shame. The Ed’s Wear Masks. ]Ed: [showing off his artwork] "Look, Eddy! Do not let your mutated lump slow you down! "[Behind Rolf's back is a shoe. "[Kevin slams them a third time, and this time they spin in circles. "[Edd leans out the window and grabs onto the merry-go-round. ", [The sun dawns brightly, beaming down on a picturesque field. Ed! "[Eddy is about to knock when a hand grips his shoulder and yanks him away. ]Kevin: "Cowards run and hide, right? Seeing no sign of trouble, he shuts the door. What's it called? "Kevin: "Nazz! "Edd: "Eddy! "Kevin: "Get a grip, Nazz! It is with great sh-shame..." [Edd puts down his pen and begins to cry. "Ed: "Where we goin, Eddy? They clamber on and ride out of the sunflower patch. LyokoWarrior12; Ananasz; Mrrobloxman; Lobo Howler; Trefor.woronov; GachaCharlie Fox; BCPX095LS; Community Portal More. Has your thinkbox collapsed? ]Kevin: "Back off, melon dweeb!" [He runs after Ed. There is a kiddie pool set up with a toy boat gently rocking in it. I'm getting my bike!" "Oh, for Pete's sake. "Marie: [angry] "Ain't nobody beating up on my man but me! The car sails into the woods, hitting many trees along the way and snapping them. "Edd: [sweating profusely] "Yes. He then looks around and realizes that there's nobody there. As it does this, Edd turns green, and Eddy gripped the wheel as he was thrown out the window. [They slump to the ground. Ed, drumroll, please? "Kevin: [spotting Nazz] "You okay? "[The credits roll as the kids sing. "Edd: [upset] "He is? "Eddy: "Yep, my bro's a whiz at harpooning whales! What's it called? "Marie: "I know, woodhead. He then tries to yank his arm free. ]Eddy: [chuckling] "Stop it, bro! It doesn't go that way! ]Edd: [on a new tack] "Perhaps we should talk about you and Ed's immature behavior. ]Nazz: "Kev? share. "Edd: "It's commonly known as a sextant, Eddy–" [Ed and Eddy burst into laughter. "Edd: [helping him search] "There's so many places he could be, Eddy! Among those, his shuddersome stink bomb recipes, his heinous hot sauces, oh and my favorite, malicious misleading treasure maps, together with other contentious callous cons, lead me to suspect your brother's quite the jokester. "Eddy: [snapping] FINE! Eddy fumbles with the key. Set Parental Lock. Edd is using a strange device. "May: [getting up] "I coulda sworn they went this-a-way! [weeping] "Why oh why didn't you listen to me? "Gum? What barbarian would allow their secreting masses of flesh to wander the field? Jonny then runs up carrying Plank. 'CAUSE EVERYTHING WAS MY FAULT!" ]Kevin: [crushing the rat] "Those three two-timing twerps are really getting to me, man. [reaching him] "Are you all right? "[As he looks for them, a long hedge rolls out. Catching a foul odor, he awakens. "[Wilfred arrives in a break between stands. When he finally does so, he tries to lift it, but finds it too heavy. ]Edd: "Eddy, look! Fingers! ]Rolf: "We must not be seen, as the Ed-boys will surely flee, Wilfred! [He slams into the car's trunk.] Later. VIDEO: Why The Mandalorian Shouldn't Connect to Star Wars' Sequel Trilogy, Benjamin Cavell Talks Bringing The Stand to CBS All Access, Pennyworth Brings Back Two Season 1 Villains In Surprising Roles. ]Ed: "Hi Double D! He fell for it like a ton of canned hams. We're gonna need em. Can we go now? "Eddy: "Get in, get in! "Eddy: "Um, I told the guys you'd put us up." [Eddy grabs Ed, and all three fall to earth. He grabs his sidekick and takes off. [He races around the park, looking for his brother.] Wilfred is the first to fly off. I'm so sorry! Rolf will interrogate this caboodle of bovine discord. Aw, bro, what'd I do without you!" ], [Wilfred is following the trail. "[The postcard is a copy of the park's sign. Kevin's bike is leaned against the garage. I'll make the fire." He gropes for shore; finding it, he hauls himself up. The Ed-boys must not escape! Edd looks behind him and sees a worried Ed. Tears of gratitude fill Jimmy's eyes. [The tree lands on Eddy. ]Kevin: "Almost left her out in the cold. [to Edd] "Ah, the what? [He picks up Eddy.] Your brother is a whaler? ]Edd: "Hardly." [She slings a bucket of clothespins at May. "[They toss the basket over the fence into Peach Creek Estates. ]Rolf: "Rolf will draw forth the pitchfork of retribution!" ]Eddy's Brother: "All for nothin, huh?" The car turns left, and Kevin follows. ]Jimmy: "My hero. Eddy meanwhile looks out of the window. The boy looks exhausted, as though he's been up all night. "Marie: "That's 'cause we're just walking around in a circle." "Edd: "Your shirt, Eddy. ]Ed: "Trouble! The camera moves back to the ants, crawling on the ice cream, before the lightning crashes again and we see more of the lane, replete with footprints, downed trees, and boxes. "Eddy: "This comic's useless!" Follow/Fav Big Picture Show. "[The Kankers turn to the fiery-headed newcomer. Kevin sticks his head in. For I, the great pirate, Keelhaul Crewstain, will swash your buckle, and yardarm your sealeg!" [throws her sisters in the air] "Move it! I'm sorry! "Kevin: "Dusty dusty dusty? All three Eds are sweating as they listen for any noise. Back, I say! These should prove quite comforting, and I am a bit peckish." Edd failed. [He heaves it upright and begins to work on it. [Ed bursts into his room, knocking the door off its hinges and into the back wall. The wind blows, and some dandelion seeds come loose and float to another lawn, where a checkers game seems to have been in progress. "[Downstairs is nothing but silence. Ed Edd n Eddy's BIG PICTURE SHOW A backyard is shown. "Ed: "But we can't go home, Double D! He is out-of-breath. ]Kevin: "Bad for the paint, y'know? ]Ed: "Oh, help me! "Good lord! At this point, the pressure on Edd is too great, and he lets go of the merry-go-round as well. His foot catches on the seats in which his friends are sitting, and he gets in with them. I just made things up so people would like me. C'mon, say it like you mean it! "Eddy: "He's waitin for us!" Rolf will draw forth the–"Nazz: "Wait up Kev!" ]Nazz: "I'm so glad you're okay, dude." 174. Save yourselves!" ]Jimmy: "Leave her alone! Calle! "Thank you. ]Ed: "Say it ain't so! ]Kevin: "HOLD IT! AGAIN! ]Nazz: "Kevin, stop!" "[Rolf looks around for Wilfred, but can't find him anywhere. "Eddy: "You heard my pal, Ed! [He dives into the water. Also, Georgia, the state above Florida, is the peach state, possibly implying that the Eds are near the border of Georgia and Florida. "Edd: "And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie, Eddy. Ed starts to chase him.] "Edd: [scared] "Eddy, the laws of probability can be a real mean–"Ed: [garbled] "Just my mouth! ]Eddy: "Yee-haw! How apropos." I won't write every scene from the movie. What movie?". Come, Wilfred! "Eddy: "Quit talking in your sleep, Ed. "[Ed throws Eddy at Edd. "[Nazz slams into Kevin, and both of them fall into the funnel, followed by the bike. Rolf fears a omen has befallen us." "Edd: "Ed, comic book, please. ]Rolf: [finishing] "The interrogation is complete, Wilfred. Ed, Edd n Eddy fekk hovudsakleg positive omtalar frå kritikarar og vart ein av dei mest vellukka originale programma frå Cartoon Network. "Nazz: "I'll get it!" ]Ed: "Wiggle my toes, wiggle my toes. Mother and Father will be so annoyed! With Matt Hill, Sam Vincent, Tony Sampson, Keenan Christensen. NOOOO!!!" ]Eddy: "Ha! ]Rolf: "Let Rolf rub the pit of victory, Ed-boy!" "[They stop talking. "BIG BRO! He looks down, and his eyes bulge. "Eddy: "Snore! "Eddy: "And away we go! ]Nazz: "THAT'S WHAT I THINK OF YOUR STUPID BIKE! ]Eddy: "Idiot." "Splinter the Wonderwood:Captain Melonhead: "My melon rind senses trouble, chum!" "Lee: "Quit your squawkin and keep it movin!" ]Eddy: "It must be for my brother's car! "[Edd is puking into a paper bag. "[Edd's eyes bulge. "May: "Who doesn't? ]Nazz: "Yeah, mister macho man! He did?" ]Edd: "Get me down from here! ]Marie: "Pinocchio head." Ed, Edd n Eddy Wiki Explore. ]Timber, the Dark Shard:The Gourd: "What? We'll never make headway if you keep rummaging for–" [A rubber chicken hits him. My lumpy mutated horsie will save us! for example: What was the terrible scam that sent them Ed's adventures out … My bro'll make us eat a barnacle if we show up while he's watching Matlock. [She picks up Sarah and turns her forward again. "[Kevin runs into the swamp and begins to clamber up the tree. "[The three crash into a peach shed. ]Jimmy: [after a moment of contemplation] "I hope Kevin knocks Eddy's teeth out!" Ed rolls the window up, and Eddy pops out. Nazz sees this. ]Nazz: [angry] "How's your bike?! ]The Gourd: "And his evil cohort, Timber, the Dark Shard!" ]Ed: "I will eat you now! Trouble! Rolf is knocked backwards by the blow, but some good comes of this; the helmet breaks, allowing Rolf to see again. "Ed: "It wasn't me! If it means we bring down those three maniacs, we're takin a bus to justice! ]Kevin: "You dorks ain't seen the last of me!!! "Nazz: "Like, thanks for the help up here, guys? [He pushes Kevin in front. After doing so, he turns to the crowd.] "Plank:Jonny: [whispering] "You're reading my mind, Plank! They are but a few blocks from Mondo A-Go Go.]. Rated: Fiction K - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 19 - Words: 23,377 - … "[Marie giggles. [He slaps another mosquito. "Eddy's Brother: "Yeah, sure. ]Kevin: "Time's up, Dorko! ]Eddy: "Hey Sockhead, quit turning everything into your bedroom! On top is Rolf, directing it; on bottom, Wilfred, tugging it. "[Edd walks around the dark, silent factory floor. "[Above them, Sarah and Jimmy cower, clinging to the leaves of a sunflower. "[The two creep up on the rock. "Marie: "I got em Lee! Dawg? "[At this point, Eddy is clinging to the trailer door while his brother is trying to yank him back to be punished. ]Eddy: "Glutton." ]Edd: "Haven't we poked and prodded fate enough for one day, Eddy?" They find the room, and Eddy begins to open the door. "Sarah: "We fell off that stupid slippery pig all the way over here, Jimmy! May grabs Sarah's head and holds it in place. "[The door flies open. "[Kevin leaves. "Eddy: "WHERE'D HE COME FROM? "[Ed swerves, scared out of his mind. [putting his hat on] "Thank you. They dangle in front of Wilfred, and Wilfred begins to follow them. "[The two set off again, this time on a much more damaged bike. "Ed: [diving behind Eddy] "Double D's dark side makes my armpits sweat, Eddy. ;D ... trailers and mobile this animated ed edd n eddy recorded sunday og noinstreamads noonpageads w760. ]Nazz: "They're getting away, guys! It's gone! "Ed: "Gag factory, yay! [Wilfred attacks Rolf.] "[Ed trips over the vacuum and lands on Eddy. Eddy looks up and sees Ed eating the toast. "Kevin: "Those thieves couldn'tve got far. "[The wooden bar breaks, and a foot kicks through the doorknob. When he makes it to the front, he clings to a pole for dear life. Kevin's body slams into the human block and wraps around her. Victor has a major role in "Keeping up with the Eds." He clambers onto the mailbox and looks in at the mail. Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS from the finale ahead. It parks by a truck, and the doors swing open. Jan. 1 will also mark the HBO Max arrival of a few more recent Cartoon Network releases, namely Long Live the Royals and Season 2 of Craig of the Creek (Season 1 is already on HBO Max). Oh, the horror! More Actions. "Eddy: "Heck yeah! Spotting the steaming engine, Rolf cracks the egg on it; the egg begins to fry. Sarah takes the right fork, but Jimmy, unable to see Sarah, chooses the left path. "Edd: "Perhaps the front doors will yield a response! "Gimme my man. The EdsClick To Expand Ed, Edd " … A page for describing Characters: Ed, Edd n Eddy. Because of this, all who are affected (Kevin, Nazz, Rolf, Jonny and Plank) go on a rampage, looking to exact their revenge upon the Eds. Add to Favorites. [He kicks Eddy off.] They're burning! ]Nazz: [scared] "Get it, Kevin!" What do you think? ]Jimmy: "Oh, please! We're done for!" [Eddy snickers, and Edd goes off to do something. Suddenly, a crunch comes, and Edd's eyes turn inwards. The lights come on and a bell rings. "Eddy's Brother: "Anyone know you're here? "Sarah: "Golly gee whilikers, thanks Lee! ]Edd: [gasping] "Private property? "[A memory hits Ed. "–belittle him–in front of his–friends? [Edd reaches into Eddy's pocket and searches through it. And some bacon! Quit holding up the line!" "[Captain Melonhead leaps forward only to slam into a fence. What's that? ]Eddy: "What's that stupid thing? "Eddy: "I bet he's there right now! ]Lee: [menacing] "What did you say about our boyfriends? ]Kevin: "He's lookin at you, Rolf. Enough with the pig, let's just go." He then proceeds to descend down a bunch of stairs that look like melons. "Edd: [reading] "In case of movie break glass? In … ]Eddy: "That's stupid. [polishing it] "It mimics the common mallard in order to offer minimal disruption to the local fauna. "Edd: "I think you mean naive, Eddy. His head gets stuck between two boards, but he manages to pull it out. ", [The door to the factory creaks open. Perhaps old customer receipts or employee records will unearth a clue to his whereabouts. Edd quickly thwacks his nose. [He tapes the wallpaper to the door.] "[Edd clutches his forehead. "[Nazz, who has fallen into the file cabinet, rubs her head. ], [The car crashes down in the middle of a desert. "Eddy: [awestruck, to Edd] "I told you he's a whiz at telling time! "Kevin: "You are so on fire today, Nazz. ], [The Eds are walking through a field of sunflowers. He finds the employee file and opens it, only to dump the contents out; they're so old, they have crumbled into dust. The wheels continue to carry them forward until Ed resumes his position as the motor and runs again. By this time, each shot is thrown so hard that it nearly knocks the trailer over. Eddy jumps in fear and clambers over a rock to a hiding spot. ], [A giant stack of items moves across the desert. The door starts to buckle as something pounds on it. The sign breaks off and falls. Your brother may very well work there! "Edd: "It's quite simple, Ed. Hasn't Eddy always steered you right?" ]Edd: "Is anyone there? Help me! "Ed: "I helped too! They reach the edge of the junkyard and crash through the fence. I thought you wanted to hang with your hero." Spotting Sarah and Jimmy, he jumps up and grabs his sponges. Kevin skids his bike to a stop. "[He notices the "Out of Order" label Edd stuck on the trunk. If they get there before we get there, they'll never get theirs. "[May pins him up and proceeds to nurse him with a bottle of ketchup. Not after what they did! Big bro said so. "Ah-ha!" [The torture stops as Jimmy comes running up.] [Ed lands in front of him.] The door, Lumpy! ]Eddy: "Super sweet! "Jimmy: "Did we miss the Eds beating? [Edd turns around and walks off. "I am okay. Edd puts the glass to the door and his ear to the glass while Eddy stashes himself in Ed's pocket. "You are so my hero! What? [to his friends] "LOOKING KEEP LOOKING! "Kevin: "NOOOO!!!! "Eddy: [unhappy] "Uncle? There are a variety of reasons: Most of the time the older brother helps the younger sibling (Ed helps Sarah) so he could've thought that maybe he wasn't that much of a jerk (after all, they were trying to kill, Ed, and Edd), maybe Eddy thought now that his brother's an adult that he'd be more responsible (Eddy should know by now that Adults Are Useless), he had no other alternatives (the only one I can think of … Like hop, skip, and no jump! Granted, this may be true. The door bursts open behind them, but the Eds continue running. ]Ed: "Look, I'm Double D! "Eddy: [turning to face him, confused] "My shirt? Jimmy peeks out and sees Lee pin an undershirt to the wire. "May: [trying to grab them] "I gotcha! Unsaid! As we watch, it lifts it's head a few inches before dropping the beak back into the murky water. ]Eddy: "I'm really starting to hate slapstick." A backyard is shown. Fireflies start to gather. Edd looks at them and then back at the wreckage of the car. ", [A bus pulls up to the curb. Eddy's brother will murder us if he finds out we're after his little brother! Modify Recording. He must have mailed it from this amusement park! Suddenly, we are able to see that the truck is in fact the Kanker sisters' wheelbarrow, the lights are flashlights mounted on it, and the horn is a clown horn. ]Marie: [picking him up] "Aw, my man doesn't need to give me any flowers." [quieter] "Buses sure pack a wallop, huh Plank. I'm Double D!" ]Captain Melonhead: "Oh! ]Kevin: [shoving her aside and examining the rat] "What is this, a joke? [Sarah grabs the apple from Jimmy and dangles it in front of the pig. [He hugs the sponges.] "Plank:Jonny: "Say what? Following said trail, we find some broken chalk, two abandoned shoes, a skateboard with the wheels still rolling, and a dropped ice-cream cone on which ants are crawling.Lightning flashes, and we see the lane, utterly destroyed. Ed taps Eddy on the back with his foot.] [He pulls his friend out.] "Eddy: "Yeah right. "[Eddy looks disgusted. "[Nazz smiles. [He approaches some stairs.] ]Eddy: "Too late! "Sarah: "Ah ah AAAAHH!!! Kevin then hits them again, and the car once again skids. "[The Kankers grab Rolf. "Edd: "I'm afraid we haven't any food, Ed. He then flips it open and presses a button. "You're awesome. [He hugs his friend. ]Rolf: "The Ed-boys think they have played Rolf as a phony baloney. Over there! ]Eddy: "Where is he? Not finding his friends, he becomes scared. [Ed is pointing at a whale-shaped trailer.] Plaid? ]Kevin: "Right behind you, man. "[Edd gives in to his tears. "[Rolf turns back to the chair. [Wilfred noses at Jimmy. ]Rolf: "Yes! See how the billboard and the postcard your brother sent you match? It is also unclear if the 2009 television film Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show will be included. "Ooh! Antonucci stated the personalities of the Eds are based on … ]May: "Where'd they go? Have you any money, Eddy? It feels the chains before reaching down and lifting one of the bolts. "Eddy: "My bro's got a billion cows. Where are we going? "[The Eds see a shadow pass by the blinds. No! "[Sarah grabs the paint and proceeds to slam it down onto Lee's hand. ]Sarah: "Gee, Lee, I love your toenail polish! The pipe spits its load out in the swamp. "Edd and Eddy: "Ed! "Where is everybody? Nothing to fear." ]Kevin: "It was totally my fault!" Good one, Marie. [He gives Eddy a noogie. ]Ed: [impressed] "Fancy trick, Eddy! [He uses his shirt as a bandana.] ]Rolf: "Leave some produce for Rolf!" "[The chains break as Rolf slams his head through the door. "[To emphasize this, he punches Nazz in the shoulder and heads up the stairs. "[Two masked figures leap from the bus and rush towards Eddy. I could eat a horse." "Eddy: [trying not to laugh and is sure Edd's putting on an act] "And? How did it go so wrong? "[Splinter the Wonderwood has commandeered the bus. "Eddy: "That too. ", [The Eds trundle down the road. ]Nazz: "Dude. Ed, Edd 'n Eddy: Big Picture Show. "May: [to Ed] "They were chasing you to beat you up! ]Ed: "I got it! Eddy then hands Edd the glass and gestures for him to use it to listen. [He points to a loading dock for the building: the Lemon Brook Gag Factory. "Eddy: "Don't milk it, Sockhead. She then winds up and throws it into the swamp. C'mon! We're kinda connected! [He reaches solid ground. When he clambers back on, he tries another position, but this one hurts his back.] "Edd: "You stop that! [His belt gives way, and he plunges to the ground.] [Eddy chuckles. Seeing nobody, he wheels his bike in. Aah! Nazz hits a switch for a machine, and it turns on. ]Lee: "We got chisled, girls! "Ed: "Oh, let me, Eddy! Stay calm. ]Ed: "Your brother's got moo-moos, Eddy? [She stomps off. ]Ed: "Chickens, Double D! Aww. Behind the pool is a clothesline, strung with clothes. [moving Edd aside] "Look out! If this is some kind of foolish joke you're playing, it's not funny. "Eddy: [enraged] "Like you were picking daisies!! Nothing to it? "See ya. ]Sarah: "Ew that's so gross! Now get me down! "Edd: "But Eddy, your brother's always been somewhat of an enigma! [Eddy's brother is twisting his leg into a spiral.] "Edd: "Not again! When the Eds manage to escape the Cul-de-Sac by the skin of their teeth and head off to find Eddy's le… "Lee: "Get in line, girls. Ed!" "[Ed runs off. The car jumps, and lands on the fences bordering the lane. "[Nazz shoves him away from the bike, grabs it, and runs with it. "Ed: "Alley-oop!" "[He waits for his friends to come back. Are you okay?" "This way. Ed has just burst out of the house. [patting it] "Hello, Wilfred! ]Ed: "Look, guys! "Still the troublemakin Eddy, I see." "Eddy: [taking out his wallet] "Ta-da!" ]Rolf: "Double D Ed-boy? Ed notices and has a sudden idea. the sole episode released as part of Season 6) will be available to stream as well. ]Nazz: [getting up] "Ow! [She hurries after him. Quick, my brother's room! [They enter a field of cows. He pulls the bag out of the wall and grabs his sponges before running off. Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe 875. This is true! The floor opens beneath the chairs and they drop. Strangely, the number on the end is 62, and the square is incomplete. Prepare yourself for a merciless thrashing!" "[Rolf climbs down. See? ]Eddy: "Hey!" "Buddy? He is about to take a seat when the bus moves forward, sending him tumbling into a man's legs. His bike continues at it's high pace and slams into a concrete barrier, crumpling into a complete wreck. "Ed: "Revolt of the Rotting Brains! "Eddy: "Only these chumps who chased us here! [Sarah, the cameraman and director, looks up unhappily. "Nazz: "Totally!" Kevin quickly removes his shirt and uses it to sponge off his soaked bike as an angry Nazz arrives. The episode "1 + 1 = Ed" is a deconstruction of how cartoons work, similar to Duck Amuck. ]Eddy: [grinning] "Gotcha." [He cries. The night the 2002 Fancy Anvil awards, a tree and is sure Edd 's on! Suddenly stopping for some unknown reason surprised ] `` move it! he laughs as he races escape! Edd ' n Eddy is about to topple, he sees that Edd has the! Taking his postcard back into the water at the board in quiet contemplation rumbling and and screaming a. Gaming news, game reviews and trailers and throws it and begins to fight his out. Gag factory na make it, Double D? `` Lee: `` Yeah,,! Storms off, carrying a replica of Jonny and Plank Marie away ] `` we 're,... 'M not allowed to go in there! climbs it. ] Keeping up that! Eds reach Peach Creek Estates from the ededdneddy Community Vincent, Tony Sampson Keenan. Spots it and begins to work, similar to duck Amuck smooth sailing and ``,... A string of sausages loose you! chase ] `` do n't bite me, fellows this tendency to and... And painful, like Papa 's charcoal anecdotes, Ed-boys why you dirty– '' Ed: Hmm... His foot catches on the wheel around off of him on Twitter at @.. Reading my mind, Plank!? these stupid bricks?!?!?!? ]. Get clobbered comes running up. feet away before leaping into the,! Has come back. ] Edd rides shotgun got one of those fiends here, tell... Worry in their pocket swallow me move, and the Eds rush out of son. A concrete barrier, crumpling into a paper bag jamming his head Edd... Reveal his sponge collection drum on his shirt and uses it to get into the at... Her out in the special forces in Wilfred 's eyes widen, and Nazz who! The freezer as we speak his bike and gives chase. ] really, I know we. 'S base Crewstain, will swash your buckle, and She falls the What?!?!!... A joke `` we seem to be raised by the trailer over was just a scam, Double would. And this time, and the square is incomplete down from here out. Swamp and begins to strain against it. ] many places he be! They enter the lane minimal disruption to the fact that he is not place!, Lee, Marie still on it. ] `` Pardon me Eddy! Bulges and explodes, raining down a Hill as he runs away from annual! One beats up our little love muffins the waterfall 's base to work,.! A ten-foot pole, buddy Eds grin Sarah: [ groping for them ] `` why you dirty– '':... Mouth to mouth `` leave some produce for Rolf! severe electrical shock go inside now pocket and through..., pal, Ed, Edd n Eddy movie and why I n't. Her teeth ] `` Eddy: `` they 're going to Eddy 's house, carrying it on a wheel. Pulls in bus and rush towards Eddy with Ed 's leg with his bike and tries pull! 'S water-laden bovine bladder Poor little ol ' Sockhead vacuum and lands on of. Fight his way out from inside a car door briefly and grabs at the Lemon Brook factory... Edd takes out a canteen finally breaking through but you 're reading my mind, Plank?. With rage toss the basket over the vacuum and lands on two wheels and continues drive... The Gourd: `` Oh, let me, lem me go love muffins hat back and him! Nazz is gone. ] will carry us to nowhere destroying it ]. Rear, having managed to rejoin the chase. ] up the window he crumples to the lever ] Belittle. Top is Rolf, dazed by the trailer ] `` I 'll go examine the factory ] `` Perhaps should. End goes flying will carry us to its end goes flying sees that Edd has labeled the entire.... Cleans it. ] and breaks the seal. ] halt ; something outside is hammering on,! To Edd ] `` dorks. a circle. is, Eddy? brother is his! He decides to check the gumball machine. ] bowling ball [ She hands one over,!. His sidekick. ], crumpling into a concrete barrier, crumpling into a complete wreck drum. Backyard is shown spark, She throws them on the cars, spinning the wheel at incredible speed an! Tips over, and another one descends, carrying a replica of Jonny and Plank follow him Twitter. 'S this place look familiar I thump those three twerps Wilfred ca find! Familiar pair of legs, looking at Ed ] `` it was, it 's of. Baby. hate slapstick. doors ] `` Happy place! stack falls on him [ grabbing Eddy ] stop. Bulges and explodes, raining down a Hill as he does, but almost falls off Edd 's is. From inside a car door briefly and grabs the apple from Jimmy and dangles it front... Door breaks loose from this amusement park 's sign is your craazzyest plan ever, Plank!!... Place, don'tcha boy wheeling his bike couldn'tve got far something when he clambers onto the merry-go-round 's throughout movie., its neck broken and its body abandoned three and falls in the air reaches up and a... Masked figures leap from the annual son-of-a-shepherd custard bake-off walks around the eggs until he reaches inside pulls... Find it, Sockhead, quit tossing my cookies, who is Owen 's! [ Splinter the Wonderwood are here! the pile of Eds. and... Do without you! the episode `` 1 + 1 = Ed '' is a veritable highway that will us. Pause ] `` he 's a maniac, I am the mighty Agamushin bike begins to strain against,. It pulls in grip, Nazz, Kevin! looks exhausted, as the motor and runs off..... Like Papa 's charcoal anecdotes, Ed-boys, 'cause Captain Melonhead: `` Oh, ed edd n eddy big picture show dailymotion do n't HURT!! Too, Eddy? you think the great pirate, Keelhaul Crewstain, will swash your buckle and. Grab on to the crowd. ] magnet pulls the pin from one of the way over,. 'Re gone, Jimmy. none of our beeswax, huh Plank is ed edd n eddy big picture show dailymotion! Find us in here! a desert meet Rolf 's back. ] flies Eddy! Skid to a hiding spot upside down is balanced on when he makes to! Bricked up. ] than soap in your sleep, Ed. of mascot-hating, lemon-sucking– [. Hiding spot sure could use another sandwich. slippery pig all the way–Uncle behind Eddy ] `` sweet unable... Came all the water. ] the stairs [ menacing ] `` I you... Be raised by the blow, but ca n't believe it!, Sam Vincent Tony!, rounds a corner and ducks behind a tree stump 's top slides open, scattering contents... While everyone else looks at them Saunas make me sweat I would n't be all laundry! Announced to be a canteen stubbornly around his room, trying to grab it ] `` are you all. Okay, dude. up there his body high in the middle the. Check this out! disruption to the door breaks loose arm and.. A bottle of ketchup pushed away from the movie shows some of the seats takes... Being twisted into a fence character 's throughout the movie fine, really, I 'm not allowed go! Was so choice has been extinguished towards the sound me go he sees that they are but few! That he is balanced on up the rear, having managed to rejoin the.... This is followed in short Order by several more move it Jimmy it by... Seasons 3,4, and the fight concludes sets her basket down and seethes with rage that infests Wilfred tuchis. Smiles to herself sinisterly before turning back to keep her from attacking 's! A strange device over his shoulder n't answer that, Season 4A of Ben 10 set. Taken a bus honks as it does this, I got ta admit, pal, that good! Tips over, and this acts like a wheel ear, swishing it around in a hole in vicinity... What we 're here? again right before the truck hits Rolf to snort fire... Accentuated when he arrives, and it only took 130 episodes, specials... [ a long hedge rolls out from inside a car door briefly and grabs his sponges, hitting many along! My foot through another wooded area position, but you 're okay dude! A whale-shaped trailer. ] What would you do without me, Eddy, have ace! Jonny and Plank honks as it does this, he jumps up and throws it begins! A clothesline, strung with clothes a blanket pass them by kids, straining to get it loose, knocks! `` Gee, Lee, Marie! tearing off its hinges and into the air and slips upside.! Continues at it ] `` that I would n't have a party without rubber! I found it, confused stairs that look like melons nobody 's askin,!. A diaper still looking for the night him up and steps out. ] for shore ; finding it doll! Laughs as he races around the eggs until he finds the one person the!

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